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Punjabi Seva's Youth Advisory Board is comprised of compassionate teens, who value serving our community through their unique talents, impeccable leadership, and broad intelligence. The YAB organizes several service campaigns throughout the year; which are fulfilled using the member's skills, long-term vision, and enthusiasm to make our world a better place. 


Arshiya Alwadi

Hi! My name is Arshiya Alwadi, and I am a senior at BASIS Phoenix High School. I am interested in scientific research, volunteering initiatives, equality in education, and social welfare. I currently tutor young students in math, biology, Spanish, and Punjabi. In my free time, I love reading and playing the piano. With Punjabi Seva, I hope to expand educational opportunities in the community and provide aid to families in need.

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Molly Budhiraja

Hello! My name is Molly Budhiraja, and I am a sophomore at BASIS Peoria High School. I am interested in neurosciences, public policy, international affairs, computer science, and community service. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, painting, and playing piano and guitar. I have two dogs, and I lead a teen book club. I am very excited to be part of the youth advisory board, as I know that as a team we can create great change, and help serve our community!

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Riya Dhaliwal

Hi! I’m Riya Dhaliwal, and I’m a freshman at BASIS Peoria High School. I’m excited to be a part of the Youth Advisory Board, and I am looking forward to helping our community through the projects that we are going to be hosting. I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade, and I absolutely love the sport. During quarantine, I learned how to longboard, and I have been enjoying cruising in my backyard ever since. My mini Goldendoodle Laila and I love to throw the frisbee around. I also enjoy listening to music and playing the trumpet.

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Jusreen Kaur

Hey! My name is Jusreen Kaur and I am a junior at BASIS Peoria High School. My interests lie in biology and cellular research as well as arts and voluntary service. I also enjoy drawing and reading when I have free time. I am currently open to tutoring students in Middle and Elementary School Biology, English, Simple Spanish, and Math up to Pre-calculus. My goal is to help best serve our community in the greatest way possible through Punjabi Seva and to provide support for those who need assistance.

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Avneet Mundi

Hi! My name is Avneet Kaur Mundi, and I am a junior at Mountain Ridge High School. I am a firm believer in living a healthy lifestyle, as I go to the gym on a daily basis. I look for opportunities to serve the community in any way possible. I play sports, such as boxing and soccer. In my free time, I listen to Punjabi music, play piano, and spend time with my dog. My motto in life is “If not now, then when?”

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Avi Agarwal

Hi! My name is Avi Agarwal, and I am a junior at BASIS Peoria. I love learning about Political Science, Economics, Classics, and History and wish to explore them more. For fun, I enjoy cooking and baking, reading especially on history, and discussing current affairs. As youth, we have a great capacity to create meaningful change in our community, and being a member YAB will allow me to make a difference for our society. 

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